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Would you like to receive more information about how your school can also offer Flex Major School international programs and thus open a new horizon for your students?


Flex Major School is a virtual school authorized by the U.S. Department of Education, located in Florida, enabling students from all over the world to achieve an American High School Diploma. Through the Blended Learning methodology, our students take an American curriculum through an online platform, supplemented with face-to-face classes at their local schools.

With our Dual Diploma Program, it is possible to graduate in your country and achieve an American High School Diploma simultaneously. The students study United States curriculum that would not be offered in their home school, therefore, only taking missing credits needed to graduate in the U.S.

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Through an innovative academic plan and a pedagogical solution focused on the personalization of the educational process, we are focused on preparing our students for the best universities in the world through the High School program.


Our educational tools are fully customizable, adapting to the needs of the student or college partner.


We work with the combination of face-to-face classes and online activities, providing more data for the teacher to guide student development.

American Diploma

By attending our high school program, the student can graduate from an American college and acquires fluency in English through continued practice.


The student has 24-hour access to content through an American multimodal platform.


Our program was designed to put the students at the center of the learning process, developing discipline, organization, and focus.


Our staff works in advising the student to enroll in American universities upon completion of High School.

Offer in your college the Dual Diploma program!

Expand the horizon and career potential of your students by becoming a Flex Major School Partner.

College Prep

Our students can participate in a vocational exchange program that offers the unique opportunity to experience
student life at a prestigious American university, as well as guided tours of imperative worldwide companies.

Hosting on Campus

During the vocational program, students can stay on the university’s campus, experience college life and study academics.

Visits to large companies

Guided tour in companies that are world references and interaction with their employees through dynamic activities and lectures.

Classes with international teachers

Direct contact with teachers and staff of of different schools of the United States.


Have you thought about attending High School in the United States during your vacation? Flex Major School allows your students to attend college and receive high school credit in the United States during the month of January. Classes take place in Florida, with students from different partner schools doing the High School program.

  • Florida High School classes with local teachers.
  • Intensive English courses with international students.
  • Visit to different university campuses.
  • Enrichment of the academic curriculum with the completion of extra credits.
  • Improved proficiency in English through educational immersion in the USA.
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What are people saying about Flex Major School?

Our High School program is available in various schools all over the world.
See the testimonials of some of our partners and also from students who graduated with Flex Major School.

The Flex High School program has brought a new dimension to students' lives. The program made them dream higher, having better access to international opportunities. It also developed the perception of what their lives will be like in a few years, not to mention the significant improvement in their level of English.

thumb Stacey Rodrigues
Coordinator Bilingual Program, Colégio do Salvador.

Ateneu Londrina opted for the partnership with Flex High School because their format best suits the Brazilian students to obtain an international diploma of an American high school. With that, we formed our academic proposal of training citizens with global vision and international experience.

thumb Miguel Vargas
Owner, Colégio Ateneu