College Prep 2019

University of Central Florida (UCF)

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College Prep 2020 Schedule

University of Central Florida (UCF)

Departure from SP or RJ: 06/28/2020 / Arrival: 07/13/2020 (to be confirmed)

Debates with Professors

Participation in various workshops with teachers from different colleges at the University of Central Florida.

Guided Tours

Guided tours at different colleges of the University of Central Florida.

UCF Accommodation

The experience of living on campus and live the daily life as UCF students.

Visit Valencia College

Tour through one of the best US community colleges, with more than 75,000 students and 7 campuses.

Visit the Full Sail University

Get to know this university specialized in cinema, games, and music courses.


Visit the Nasa Space Center at Cape Canaveral: Kennedy Space Center.

Experience an unforgettable educational experience!

Enroll for this amazing career interchange.


Orlando is located in the central region of Florida. It is famous for its tourist attractions, becoming one of the most visited cities in the United States and the second most visited in the world.

Besides being a tourist attraction, Orlando is also continuously growing and expanding into the third-most-populous urbanized area in Florida by population.


  • Visit the Full Sail University
  • Visit the Valencia College
  • Visit the parks Universal Studios, Volcano Bay, and Island of Adventures
  • Tour at NASA - Kennedy Space Center
  • Tour at Disney Springs
  • Visit the WonderWorks Museum


The University of Central Florida, or UCF, is a public research university in Orlando, Florida. It is the largest university in the United States by number of students enrolled on a single campus.

UCF has more than 65,000 students, from 157 countries and all 50 US states. It has a major focus on technology and engineering, with direct relationship with NASA's space program located at the Kennedy Space Center. It is the leading university at the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium.

During the Storm program, we take a guided tour of UCF, speak to staff and learn where they can learn about the University's operation, structure, background and courses.


A university specializing in film, Full Sail University has undergraduate programs that use practical methodologies, designed to simulate a real working environment. With more than 16,000 students from 73 different countries, it is aligned with entertainment and media companies, providing a unique opportunity for its students.

Full Sail University has more than 35 years of existence in Florida, with 60 classrooms and 110 production rooms equipped with the latest technology. Watch the next video and see the structure our students will learn during the Storm Program.


During the Storm program, our students will have the opportunity to visit the NASA Space Shuttle launch space and John F. Kennedy Space Shuttle, located on Cape Canaveral, in Merritt Island, Florida.

The Kennedy Space Center visitor complex is one of the places our students will go to and it is home to many museums, two IMAX theaters, and 4 bus tours allowing visitors to get a closer look at several restricted areas. Flex Major School students will have the opportunity to visit the restricted area of ​​the observation tower on the floor of the launch complex 39 and the Apollo-Saturn V Center.

The observation tower provides unobstructed views of both launch sites throughout the Kennedy Space Center. The Apollo-Saturn V Center is a large museum built around its display part, a restored Saturn V launch vehicle, and features other space-related exhibits, including an Apollo capsule.

We can also get to know the theaters, which allow visitors to relive parts of the Apollo program. One simulates the environment inside a launch room in the Apollo era during a launch of an Apollo mission, and the other simulates the landing of Apollo 11.

All this and more to make the 4-week Storm Program the most enriching and unforgettable experience for our students!

Valencia College

Valencia College is a community college located in Orlando, FL, near UCF. It is recognized as one of the best community colleges of the country, having received the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.

The institution has 7 campuses and more than 70 thousand students. It has more than 50 academic courses available for international students, aside from countless programs focused on careers and many options to help students reach their educational goals.

Click on the video to see a sneak peak that our students will be able to meet during the College Prep program.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios, Volcano Bay, and the Island of Adventures make the second biggest park complex in Orlando. It is considered one of the most active, elaborate parks in Orlando.

Volcano Bay is the most recent park to open at Universal, and also the fastest to be built. Its theme is the Pacific islands and Polynesian culture. Its symbol is the Krakatau volcano, more than 60 meters high.

The Island of Adventures is a theme park, presenting attractions inside the universe of very known characters such as Harry Potter, Marvel heroes, Jurassic Park, among others. It is considered to have the most radical attractions.

It will be three days of fun, aside from academic activities.