Flex Major School

Changing your future through international education!

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Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, we are a virtual school with coordinators and teachers specialized in individualized instruction using digital platforms. Our students have all the support to develop their skills and earn an American High School Diploma.

In addition, our students can also participate in the College Prep and STORM exchange programs. Both activities take place in the United States of America, allowing students to experience the American Educational Culture, with a focus on College and Career opportunities.


Our focus is on quality academic training through personalized teaching, leading to personal and professional development of excellence.


Based on the most advanced technologies to increase the quality of teaching, our solutions have a high level of student engagement.


Students broaden their horizons by being immersed in a diverse educational culture, which aims at helping the students decide which university is best for them.

Our Services

Flex Major School provides an American High School experience with a Blended Learning format,
combined with optional exchange programs in the United States, to optimize the American educational culture.

Study all the American high school curriculum without leaving your country

  • International Dual Diploma
  • Blended Learning
  • Self-paced
  • Custom tutoring
  • Optional courses

Visit major companies in the world and have several classes at an American university

  • Contact international students
  • University lectures
  • Tour in large companies
  • Visit museums
  • University residence

Visit Orlando, FL and receive high school credit during your January vacation

  • Intensive English classes
  • Local Teachers
  • Extra credit in the curriculum
  • University Visits
  • Local Support

Offer in your college the Dual Diploma program!

Expand the horizon and career potential of your students by becoming a Flex Major School Partner.

Flex Major School and our Partners

Our international programs work along with companies and schools all over the world. See where we are. Contact us to take Flex Major School to your country.