Educational Model

Our system optimizes student performance through Blended Learning

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Quality Education

Flex High School offers the opportunity for Brazilian high school students to also earn an American Diploma without the need to move to the United States. For this, the Flex High School can add to the Brazilian curriculum the disciplines of the American Curriculum that are not contemplated in our country.

Through our high school platform, students take exactly the same disciplines as American students do in the United States, and by the end of high school they receive the American High School Diploma.

As students study the American Curriculum, they are increasing fluency in the English language. They are also coming into contact with an international curriculum not available in Brazil.

Blended Learning

In our methodology, students study through virtual classes with American professors
and attend face-to-face classes in their local colleges aiming at consolidating the studied content

Educação Blended

The Flex High School program is implemented through the Blended Learning model, which combines technology with face-to-face lessons. Through a multimodal platform developed by Apex Learning, a world leader in high school web content, and face-to-face monitoring of trained teachers, our students have direct contact with the curriculum content of the American curriculum without leaving their countries.

Virtual education enables contact with specialist American teachers, ensuring greater immersion of the student in American culture and education. This pedagogical approach significantly reduces the costs for Flex Major School's partner college and consequently for the student.

Advantages of the Blended Learning methodology

  • Greater flexibility for schools to adapt High School in their schedules
  • Direct contact with American content through multimodal platforms
  • Guarantee that content is passed exactly as it is in the US
  • Lower cost of implementation and certainty of educational quality


Through an innovative academic plan and a pedagogical solution focused on the personalization of the educational process, we are focused on preparing our students for the best universities in the world through the High School program.


Our educational tools are fully customizable, adapting to the needs of the student and college partner.


We work with the combination of face-to-face classes and online activities, providing more data for the teacher to guide student development.


By attending our high school program, the student can graduate from an American college and acquires fluency in English through continued practice.


The student has 24-hour access to content through an American multimodal platform.


Our program was designed to put the student at the center of the learning process, developing discipline, organization and focus.


Through dynamic content and joint assessment, our students are trained to enter American universities.

Offer the Dual Diploma program in your school!

Widen the horizon and career potential of your students by becoming a Flex Major School partner.


Flex Major School works closely with partner schools to qualify 
faculty and back office staff to work with the American curriculum.

Knowing that the implementation of the Flex High School program in college implies an appropriation of content and methodology by the teachers and staff of the partner college, we offer training and qualification courses to prepare teams to administer the American curriculum in their colleges.

Trainings can take place both locally at the partner college at annual conferences, where the exchange of experience between teachers and colleges using the Flex Major School methodology is the high point.

Please contact with the Flex Major School! You will not be alone in this challenge of providing international standard education for your students.

Educação Blended