Flex Major School offers the opportunity for high school students to also earn their US diploma in parallel with their local curriculum.

With additional credits made through our high school platform, at the end of high school the student receives certification from his/her country and from the American High School. This system easily allows schools around the world to offer the Dual Diploma opportunity!

A high school diploma, in addition to providing mastery of the English language, knowledge of American culture, and the extraordinary complement of the curriculum, also opens doors in the best universities in the world. With this diploma, the student can compete in several North American universities, since he is recognized as an American graduate.

Courses Of Flex Major School

Our curriculum meets the North-American demands for graduation.

The program consists of 24 credits necessary in order to obtain the American diploma. Flex Major School analyzes the curriculum of our partner schools in order to make the equivalence of courses, demanding that the student complete only the missing credits. All the demanded courses are listed in the table below.



(4 credits)


(4 credits)

Social Studies

(3 credits)

Physical Education

(1 credits)


(4 credits)


(8 créditos)


(1 credits)

Format in The Unites States

Our graduation ceremony and US diploma delivery takes place in the USA.



When Flex Major School students complete the Dual Diploma program, they are invited, along with their families, to attend their high school graduation to celebrate their achievement.

The graduation event is held in the American tradition, with a cap and gown, a class speaker, and a diploma delivery ceremony. In general, our ceremonies are held within American universities to honor this special achievement for students and their families.

This is one of the key differentiators that Flex Major School offers its partner colleges around the world: to provide maximum meaningful student experience, so that the study of American High School content is as close to American reality as possible.

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