International Dual Diploma

Flex Major School offers the opportunity for high school students to also earn their US diploma in parallel with their local curriculum.

With additional credits made through our high school platform, at the end of high school the student receives certification from his/her country and from the American High School. This system easily allows schools around the world to offer the Dual Diploma opportunity!

A high school diploma, in addition to providing mastery of the English language, knowledge of American culture, and the extraordinary complement of the curriculum, also opens doors in the best universities in the world. With this diploma, the student can compete in several North American universities, since he is recognized as an American graduate.

International Quality Education

Flex High School offers the opportunity for Brazilian high school students to also earn an American Diploma without the need to move to the United States. For this, the Flex High School can add to the Brazilian curriculum the disciplines of the American Curriculum that are not contemplated in our country.


Through our high school platform, students take exactly the same disciplines as American students do in the United States, and by the end of high school they receive the American High School Diploma.


As students study the American Curriculum, they are increasing fluency in the English language. They are also coming into contact with an international curriculum not available in Brazil.

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